From our Principal’s Desk

Welcome to MGPS! From the inception of Modern Generation Private School, we promised you to work hard and diligently to reach excellence by providing the best educational care and various activities throughout the academic year. It is ideal to reverberate that the students of MGPS are unparallelly proving themselves with their academic success and with their social wellbeing.

In MGPS we strive to maintain the holistic balance of different aspects that are vital for the overall development of our students.  Nonetheless, a few to mention MGPS mainly focusses on the moral and religious, and the 21st century skills that are required for our students to sustain the changes and challenges of the unpredictable future. Having said that, one of the most important aspects that we achieved excellence in this year is, digitalizing the course of education in MGPS for the students to explore critically and grow to be a modern global citizen. We take pride to say that, despite the pandemic, MGPS teaching fraternity could reach out to the students to meet and accomplish their educational goals in different levels through digital transformation in Education.

Not forgetting the role of parents, their sincere interaction and cooperation is inevitable in order to support our students educational journey. The constant launch of new channels of communication between the parents and the school was also one of our primary goals. Likewise, we also looking  forward from benefitting from the opinions, suggestions and experiences of our parents through meetings and various communication strategies of the school that help to provide better services to our students.
To be stated simple, MGPS constantly endeavors to rearticulate the very prime goal for the teachers to “feel responsible” for their students. With the trio of the School, teachers and the parents’ community fulfilling their individual responsibilities, success will be paving the way for students to be modernly suitable for the future world.

In conclusion, I hope that Modern Generation Private School will remain to be the beacon for our students to shine in their educational path and that it will be a window for them to achieve their brilliant future and to be good, for our beloved country, Oman.
May Allah grant us all success for the good, bestow, and guide our students’ steps on the right path.

Ms Hind Ahmed Ibrahim

School Principal
School Principal