Food Services

For parents who are interested, MGPS offers a Healthy Buffet Programme that is healthy, child friendly home-style cooked brunch every day where students can choose what they would like to eat.

This requirement has been a main part of our philosophy since the very beginning. Our aim is to provide top quality meals for schools on a daily basis. Our meals are prepared fresh and from scratch every day. To the best possible extent, we avoid using ready-made products.

There is nothing wrong with the occasional frozen or pre-cooked meal; sometimes it is the easy and fast way to fill a growling stomach. However, a healthy and good tasting meal from our perspective is something different. The meals have to fulfill the nutritional needs of children on a daily basis.

In the classroom, we continually teach and reinforce healthy lifestyle principles:

  • The balance needed within a healthy diet e.g. protein, vitamins, minerals and the importance of other such nutrition
  • Which foods naturally contain important nutrition
  • Alternatives to sugary foods
  • The damage of sugar on the body and on the teeth
  • Dental and Personal Hygiene
  • Various ways to exercise that are attainable to respective age group
  • The importance of healthy bones in a healthy body
  • Drinking enough water a day.

We request parents to support us in our Healthy Eating Policy. Packed brunches should have a healthy balance with foods that contain vegetables, proteins and dairy products over sugary or high cholesterol foods. We encourage parents to send with their child

  • Portion of fruits and vegetables
  • Water or milk
  • Cheese or meats
  • Bread or Pasta

Food that is prohibited in school:

  • Fizzy drinks/soda
  • Sweets and cakes
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Modern Generation Private School