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  • Islamic and Moral Education

    Islamic Education

    Islamic education is considered as the most important subject to study as it contributes in preparing the future generation by ingraining faith, strengthening sense of goodness and instilling good qualities that positively affect the behaviour and upbringing of our students. Islamic education provides an appropriate environment for a successful education to a successful generation, who will learn to obey Allah, the almighty and in turn it directly contributes to the service of the country, community and reaches out to higher levels.

    Based on this, our school has been keen to instill all aspects of Islamic education, including faith and values of Islam in the lives of our students. Our school has been interested in the subject of Islamic education, not only theoretically, but theoretically and practically, by using modern teaching-learning methods and keeping pace with the times in explaining educational curricula in an interesting and exciting way. We also link the educational material and implement it practically and emphasise positive behaviour in students and correct all wrong behaviours.

    The lessons are also taught in an appropriate manner within the right environment such as prayers in the mosque and students’ research process within the school library. We also conduct educational trips for students to increase their knowledge and awareness about their culture, link the experience and lessons to community in a way that increases awareness and culture among our students.


    Our school follows the Ministry of Education curriculum, which is represented in the first volume of the book (My Religion is My Life).The book includes diversity in teaching-learning style and includes various activities with flexibility which takes into account the individual differences amongst students. It also promotes moral values in the students by helping them to apply and strengthen Islamic education skills in practice.

    The second volume of Islamic education book features a range of lessons with a set of wonderful and distinctive information which helps in preparing a strong generation within the Islamic culture that makes a noteworthy and balanced individual in the society useful for everyone around them.

    As Islamic education is of great importance, our school has additionally provided an activity book for the students that comprises of extra-curricular activities, study plans, question bank for revision, and previous year question papers for preparing students in exams.  We also conduct monthly tests to evaluate the students’ progress.

    The Islamic education consists of

    • The Holy Quran
    • Hadith of the Prophet
    • Worship
    • Transactions
    • Moral
    • Biography of the Prophet
    • Biography of the Companions and Followers
    • The mosque: Mosque plays an important role in Islamic education. Our zest and keenness to ingrain Islamic education in our students, the school has set up a mosque inside the school premises to implement the values and morals of Islamic education like teaching them prayer and ablution, and also offer Salaah. In addition we also hold the noon Salaah for all school students from the grade three through grade eight and the conduct recitation sessions for the grades first and second during the Salaah time.

    Religious activities for our school

    1- The Holy Quran Competition

    Our school conducts the Holy Quran Competition internally and also encourages students to participate in the competitions conducted by Ministry of Education. Students are well prepared in a competitive environment to participate in competitions such as memorising the Holy Qur’an and appreciate the contestants and honour the winners.

    2- Various religious activities are also organised within the school which are conducted in two sections. It includes the Holy Quran group – the group of religious chanting – the rhetoric group – the school assembly group. The school also conducts events with the participation of students in a spiritual atmosphese, such as (Isra and Mi’raj – migration – Hajj – the month of Ramadan – honoring the students of the Qur’an competition – converting the qiblah – the birth of the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace – honoring parents) and other occasions in which the role of Islamic education is clear.

    Social and ethical activities

    Our school also takes
    interest in instilling the importance of charity and charitable work in the    hearts of our students through social and charitable projects, charitable markets, charitable funds and donations for the benefit of the poor and needy.