Best Kindergarten in Muscat

MGPS Kindergarten curriculum focuses on childrens’ emotional, physical and social needs that provide a safe and secure environment to learn and grow. The programme highlights a balance of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to nurture children’s innate needs and areas of development igniting the children’s curiosity and enthusiasm, building their capacity to learn, strengthening relationships, and growing a positive personality which makes us the Best Kindergarten in Muscat. We offer a fully bilingual programme where all aspects of the curriculum are taught both in English and Arabic.

A Kg session starts with the Circle time. The components of the circle time are:

  • Circle Time starts with the Holy Quran, followed by
  • Calendar time- where our young learners learn about days of the week, months of year, seasons, weather, etc. followed by
  • Ground rules- T’s instill ground rules and constantly remind our students to follow it.
  • Action Rhymes
  • Introduction & practice of sight words
  • Theme introduction and discussion
  • Open discussion about familiar topics or how they feel?

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