PE, Arts and Music

PE, Arts and Music


We all should know that music is not only an enjoyable subject, it is a subject that can enrich the students’ lives and education. It is a fundamental pillar of arts education whereby at MGPS, we aim to bring out the artistic side of our students. Through our music lessons we focus on fostering creativity, instilling discipline, building communication skills, developing teamwork and most importantly teaching our students how to play musical instruments. These tend to increase student engagement in school, ergo improved academic achievement. 

The school prepares, in addition to the Ministry of Education curriculum, activity books for music education to enrich the subject content and to make it interesting for students. Many musical activities are performed in the school, such as playing instruments, singing and performing in groups. The school has been keen to identify the different talents of students and have them practice and perform the national anthem very morning during school assembly or on special occasions such as celebrating the National Day, Graduation Day, Teacher’s Day and Eid celebrations.

At MGPS, we pride ourselves in offering Music lessons taught by our well qualified and talented Music teachers, who understand how to make music lessons fun and enjoyable to our young learners.


Art is a unique way of knowing and understanding the world. Purposeful visual arts activities expand children’s ways of exploring, expressing and coming to terms with the world they inhabit in a structured and enjoyable way

Art remains one of the favourite subjects of our students. At MGPS, our students of all age group, are given opportunities to explore their ideas by experimenting, inventing and creating their own varied works of art using a range of materials. They also learn how to draw, paint, sculpt and explore other art, craft and design techniques.

Our national arts curriculum provides for a wide range of activities, which enable our student’s child to develop ideas through imagery, thus providing a necessary balance to the wider curriculum. We firmly believe that learning in and through art can contribute positively to our children’s sense of personal and cultural identity and to their whole development

Art is not some unattainable ability or skill to be learnt by students— it is an intrinsic talent dormant within all of us and waiting to be explored. This is where our MGPS Art educator steps in to assist our students to inspire their creativity and imagination and making every Art Lessons truly stimulating for students.

Physical Education

Physical education is distinguished from other curricular areas by its primary focus on the body and on physical experience and is an integral part of the educational process, without which the education of the child is incomplete. Through a diverse range of experiences providing regular, challenging physical activity, the balanced and harmonious development and general well-being of the child is fostered. Physical education, as an integral part of the total curriculum, provides vital opportunities for the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of the child.

MGPS follows the national curriculum of Physical Education, which aims to meet the physical activity needs of the child and the need for movement experiences, challenges and play. The focus is to develop a desire for daily physical activity and encourages constructive use of free time and participation in physical activities. The national PE curriculum provides a wide variety of movement activities appropriate to the level of development of the child. Through physical education the child experiences the joy of physical exertion and the satisfaction of achievement while developing skills and positive attitudes that enhance self-esteem.

Our PE lessons are well structured and are implemented to fit into the curriculum keeping our students focused., engaged, active and interested in every lesson. Our well qualified PE instructors are dedicated towards coaching and mentoring our students so they can cultivate desirable personal and social attributes, which also include the concept of fair play, the acceptance of success and failure, and the ability to co-operate in group situations. These opportunities contribute to the understanding and promotion of a healthy life-style.