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  • Social Studies

    Social Studies

    The primary goal of social studies is to give students knowledge, skills and competencies to be active, informed citizens who can think critically, understand and explain the perspective of others, make judgments and communicate ideas effectively.

    Through Social Studies, students can gain an understanding of the people, places, issues and events that have shaped the world that they live in, which creates an educated and conscious generation of our country geographically and historically. It is different from the rest of the subjects by a social nature and thus it creates a fertile environment contributing to a greater role in molding a generation of young people to be talented individuals in the society.

    The importance of social studies in a student’s life is highlighted as follows:

    1. It is the source of social learning and education through which the educated individual can gain an understanding of the place and the world they live and the connections between the human and the natural environment.

    2.  It helps the learner to gain insight into historical events by studying history and geography.

    3. It provides the student with a lot of information about the present economic, social and political problems and leads them to a trend towards conscious participation.

    4. It helps to develop scientific thinking skills based on modern foundations and norms.

    5.  It develops a social sense and a sound social behaviour. It emphasizes the norms of social values ​​in society and works to represent it in word and deed.

    6.  It develops the learners’ ability to criticise, analyze, compare, weigh evidence and make appropriate decisions.


    Our school follows the Ministry of Education curriculum for social studies, which includes various geographical and historical topics.

    Our school has additionally provided an activity book for the students that comprises of extra-curricular activities, various maps activities, study plans, question bank for revision, and previous year question papers for preparing students in exams.  We also conduct monthly tests to evaluate the students’ progress.

    We give utmost importance to active learning strategies and include latest technology related methods in order to improve the educational practices within the classroom which in turn enhances active learning through the following:

    1. Using modern teaching methods to explain educational curricula and present them in an interesting and interactive manner for the students.

    2. Linking the educational curricula to the realities of social life and the surrounding environment through educational trips.

    3. Implementing the curriculum through practical activities that the students carry out within the school premises or the surrounding environment.

    4. Using digital presentations and interactive maps which in turn enable the students to connect to events with the situation and places and to analyze maps with interesting images.

    5. Facilitating team work within the classroom environment that facilitates students’ logical and inquisitive skills.

    Our school’s social activities

    Many Social activities are conducted in our school such as Taymina, Qarankashou, religious events and various folk arts. In addition, celebrations of the National Day, the Tree Day, Environment Day, Omani women’s day, etc. are also celebrated.

    Our school is also encourages our students to form environment friendly groups to promote environmental awareness among students, instill a love of nature and general cleanliness of the environment, and maintain its integrity by conducting awareness lectures and field trips.