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  • Assessment and Evaluation


    MGPS believes Assessment is a key component of learning because it helps students learn. When students are able to see how they are doing in a class, they are able to determine whether or not they understand course material and they have grasped the learning outcomes.

    In MGPS we have adopted the following general aims

    • To evaluate our teaching and learning so that tasks will match pupils needs;
    • To encourage progress and achievement through a constructive approach;
    • To provide a description of progress and attainment;
    • To initiate meaningful liaison between home and school.

    During teaching we help the pupils face new challenges with confidence by praising success whenever possible. A variety of methodologies is employed in teaching, eg whole class or group teaching, constructive group-work and individualized learning. 

    We assess continuously so that:

    1. Teachers can assess what children know, understand and can apply to their work.
    2. Teachers can plan learning opportunities that reflect the needs of all children.
    3. They can identify children who are falling behind and therefore plan support to address their needs.
    4. Teachers can identify children exceeding their age-related expectations and therefore plan work to extend them further.
    5. They can provide parents with information about their child’s learning.
    6. They can provide useful data for analysis, whole school planning and accountability

    Types of Assessments

    MGPS has in place a structured continuous assessment cycles, applying the Plan – Do – Check Model. Student are encouraged to reach their fullest potential of holistic development and competency through different method and approaches, these include Formative educational, diagnostic and generalized summative assessments are used to assess our students progress and achievements.

    Our formative educational assessment include

    • Day to Day observation of learning outcome;
    • Short Questions / Class Tests / Monthly Tests /
    • Projects / Written assignments / task analysis / discussions and critical thinking
    • Knowledge based quiz competition
    • Skill based quiz competition

    Progress Reports

    A written report is issued towards the end of each semester. This report recognises the student’s progress and achievements over the each semester.