Meet our Key Academic Leaders

Welcome to the Department of Arabic Language

Unique in its letters, origins and writing styles, the Arabic language with the variety of expressions and synonyms it is invariably a language of euphoria. Having said that, the Department of Arabic have always been an exclusive part of the school. The Arabic Department works under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, and follows the curriculum presented by the Ministry of Education, Oman, for all its co-subjects. The teaching staff seeks to achieve excellence in building a conscious and responsible generation by following the pedagogical methods of scientific approach and active learning which provides the educational material in a fun and interesting way. The intrinsic roots of the Arabic Department are manifested by the fusion of the rich past and the ingenious contemporary era, in its co-subjects. The department is a combination of language and literature, religious studies as well as Social sciences. We strive to create a scientific, cultural, and religious base in our student’s community, and to keep up with the requirements of the present times. We work within a well-established academic plan that aims to build the personality and identity of the students by strengthening their communication skills and also instill the love for the language. We aspire to establish an educational edifice of the Arabic language in various fields, wherein the skills and knowledge of our students are employed for the service and development of the community towards a promising future. Among our academic objectives, the prime focus is placed on the aspects of academic achievement and on the assessment of student’s competence in learning the course syllabus. We also endeavor to develop the talents of our students through several co-curricular activities conducted by the Department of Arabic. To document the spread of the language culture, during an academic year the department initiates many competitions successfully, to name few are

  • Reading Challenge;
  • The Young Narrator;
  • Arabic Poetry;
  • Drama and Acts;
  • Speech and Public Speaking;
  • Storytelling;
  • Creative Writing;
  • Tilawa and Qur’an Memorization;
  • Arabic Calligraphy;
  • Arabic History Quiz and many more

All our dedicated teachers are totally committed towards laying a firm foundation of Arabic Language so that students of all age groups are fluent in all aspects of this beautiful language.   I am so proud to be a part of MGPS, where we consistently work towards creating a lasting learning experience for continuous growth, for us as well as for our students. Wishing our students all the best for an exciting journey in the world of Arabic Language!

Mrs. Amira Mohammed Mady
Arabic Department

Welcome to our English Department

“TOGETHER – is one of the most inspiring words in the English language”

Coming together is beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.”

These are one of my favourite words about the English language. It’s not a slogan, but a philosophy, one that captures who we are and what we do in the Department of English, at Modern Generation Private School.

And here in MGPS, our students, the faculty members and the administration, specializes in indispensable things: the joy of a gratified imagination; the gift of a creatively rendered great idea; the pleasures of studying the remarkable linguistic concepts in the most creative and relatively advanced form.

Maintaining the pinnacle of success is harder than trying to attain it. And the secret to an enduring success lies not in what we have achieved, but in how we can do more (i.e. working together in success).

A few to mention:

  • The Parents’ Orientation program (year opening: grades 1 – 7)
  • English Phonetic Workshop for Parents: (grade 1)
  • Institution and recital of the MGPS– SCHOOL PLEDGE
  • Extensive Communicative English Program for the High Achievers
  • “STAR READERS JOURNEY”- English Reading month
  • Collaborative presentations and anchoring in school activities- Tree Day/ National Day / Teachers Day/ Civil Defence Day
  • Professional Development Workshops- by all Faculty members
  • English E- learning classes- including the audio / video tutorials and the Online Interactive sessions.

The English Language has been the lingua franca in MGPS since its inception. And the Department of English is determined to uphold the very vision of the school, of being one of the quality focused schools in Oman, recognised for the holistic development of each and every student entrusted to it with faith and trust.

Wishing our students, the very best, for their bright future to achieve their best.

Mrs. Rexeena Chellappan 
English Department


It is more useful to know how to mathematise than to know a lot of Mathematics                                                                                                      -David Wheeler

Our Mathematics department focuses on the mathematization of the child’s thought process. There are many ways of thinking and the Math teachers in MGPS teach through mathematics the ability to handle abstractions and an amicable approach to problem solving.

Mathematics being a compulsory subject of study, access to quality mathematics education is every child’s right, and we at MGPS fulfill the right and prepare our students for the challenges they will further face in life.

A glimpse of the activities that that we conduct every year are:

  • “Math Club” -The goal of Math Club was to have fun with Math! Students have done activities, played games, participated in challenges, and learned how to create mathematical models. It engaged students with activities such as math games, puzzles, also enriched student’s math skills and laid foundation for future math competitions.
  • “Math Week” -has offered many opportunities for our students to showcase their talents through their presence in Math exhibition and to present their talents by performing in role play, speech, skits during the school assembly.
  • “Multiplication timetable programme” helped our students to memorize and boost their confidence in solving problems.

Our vision of excellent mathematical education is based on the twin principles that all students can learn mathematics and all students need to learn mathematics. It is therefore imperative that we offer the syllabus of mathematics in different levels at the highest quality to all children.

My best wishes to all.

Ms. Harjeet Kaur 
Math Department


Our department is committed to provide the curriculum delivery that is innovative and creative in line with the vi­sion of MGPS. Our curriculum has been designed with student-centered learning at its heart. We apply multiple strategies such as Theme based, Activity based and Project based learning in Science, in which our students conduct investigations with support and guidance from teachers. Much of the students’ work is conducted in pairs or in small groups emphasizing on “Learning by doing”. We conduct regular Assessments and Evalu­ations based on MOE guidelines.

We at MGPS have a well-equipped Science laboratory with all the latest technologies and a trained lab assistant to provide a platform of practical approach which has greatly contributed to the exemplary performance of our students.

  • “Science Club” is one of the programmes that has been put in place in order to improve the scientific skills of our young MGPS scientists and stimulate their growing interest wherein students are given special space to build their mastery of exemplary innovations that ultimately makes learning Science joyful.
  • “Science Week” is celebrated every year to show case the scientific talents of the young learners by means of their performances through role plays, speeches, skits on scientific concepts during the school assembly.
  • “Science Quiz” is conducted every year to gauge the scientific skills, abilities and knowledge of students.

It is my pride to lead the Science department along with my colleagues to engage and instill a very strong foundation and inculcate curiosity and inquisitiveness in all forms of life, leading them to face the challenges in an innovative and creative way.

Ms.Selvakumari Velayutham                                                        Coordinator                                                                                  Science Department      

Hello and welcome to kindergarten

Childhood is the first stage in human life and constitutes one third of its life.

Children are the most beautiful creatures in this world. They are the foundation and source of immense joy, owing to their innocence and their beautiful and spontaneous smile.  Early childhood is the most important time for learning. Young children learn best when they have a variety of interesting learning experiences and hands on activities that will spark their excitement for learning

In MGPS Kindergarten, we have a structured early childhood curriculum using strategies that are modern and diverse. In addition to that, our main focus is to allow students to learn through play way methods. This approach is a more fun and quick, helping the children to acquire knowledge; after all, they are just kids who love to have fun.

Our School is fortunate to have a team of well-qualified faculty members  and assistants who are sincere and determined to handle the young children with utmost love and affection and make them feel at home so that they are comfortable in their new learning environment.

Every year we witness little buds bloom to become bright flowers, having a smart personality of their own. Seeing them transformed over the year is truly a joyful experience.  They start their first day at school sobbing with tears and then you see them all excited looking forward all dressed up to perform in front of their parents on stage, ready to graduate.

Preparing our Kindergartners for their Graduation Day has always been an emotional experience for everyone. It is so rewarding to see these little ones getting transformed to become beautifully independent with innocent little curious personalities.

I am truly blessed to be part of MGPS Kindergarten Team, where the academic journey of every child begins.

Mrs. Sheikha Al Maamari                                                              Head of Kindergarten 

Arabic Coordinator
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