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    Welcome to MGPS - From Vice Principal's Office

    As the Vice-Principal of the reputable school, I consider it my privilege and am very fortunate to work with many dedicated, committed, caring and innovative staff members, parents and students.

    Albert Einstein said, “Education is not the learning of facts but training minds to think.”  There is a big difference between cramming up facts and learning them so that they can be applied in productive ways.

    The real meaning of education comes when one’s way of thinking gets changed and one starts thinking for the betterment of the society, country and world at large. On the whole, education means the holistic development of a child not only restricted to the achievements of academics but also helping the child to come up with that inherited knowledge to build a better tomorrow; with a disciplined way of life.

    The aim is to create empowered minds through value-based education so that students can decide what is good for them, differentiate between right and wrong, choose opportunities that help build them up and enable them to live in harmony with all existence and opportunities to grow in every sphere of life both in academics and in their personality development. The education imparted here is thus not confined to the classroom alone but is moving beyond that. In the field of co-curricular activities, games, and sports our students are paving their way towards great heights.

    My vision towards teaching and management is to accomplish success through an optimistic approach and adapting to the ever-changing world. I look forward to teaching bright young minds and being taught by them for many years to come.

    Ms. Amina Al Makhmari


    Welcome to our Curriculum Department

    “Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations’’.

    The most important function of education at any level is to develop the personality of the individual and a deeper comprehension of the significance of his or her life to himself or herself and others. At our school, we believe that ‘children must be taught how to think, and not what to think.’ We provide an inclusive environment where students are encouraged to put their best foot forward to excel in scholastic and co-scholastic activities around the year, that promote creativity and innovative thinking in our students. Students are provided with platforms in the form of various activities and competitions where not only the inborn talents of the child are refined but also build confidence and help them enhance their personalities. Our approach is the promise of a strong commitment to active and student-centred learning for we affirm that learning does not come only from receiving information, but also through critical thinking and deep reflection.

    Let us always remember every child is unique, limitless and ready to shine! We believe in moving ahead with all our stakeholders and strongly feel that education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and responsible parents. Together we can and shall make MGPS the best place for learning and growth.

    I am excited and look forward to working with you as a team to help each little child have an identity and a successful school year!

    Ms. Rexeena Chellappan

    Head of Curriculum

    Welcome to our English Department

    “A special kind of beauty exists which is born in language, of language, and for language.”

    It is an honour and privilege to belong to the English Department at our esteemed school, Modern Generation Private School. Language is the key to knowledge, culture and civilization, especially since it represents a bridge of communication with others. Undoubtedly, English is a worldwide language. It is taught in most institutions, hence the need to meet universal standards to master the English Language. Inevitably, English Language learning has become an urgent requirement to cope with globalization and the exchange of culture. English Language Department is, therefore, well set to deliver quality instruction and academic excellence with a greater international perspective.

    English Department is an MGPS powerhouse of pedagogy; well-equipped and ready to take on the Cambridge IGCSE English syllabus. We pride ourselves in highly outstanding and professional teachers who are qualified, experienced, committed and passionate about the English Language. They are exemplary personalities and role models who offer learning beyond the classroom, always seeking self-improvement to benefit our students. All our teachers focus on engaged learner-centred teaching and are well-versed in cutting-edge technology and recourses. They instruct students according to an academic plan and wide-ranging language and literature curriculum which combines comprehensiveness and depth in dealing with knowledge in all of the English language skills to hone our students’ language skills.

    The Department is vibrant with students’ creative talents that are identified and enhanced through personal guidance, research, project learning and English Club activities. Discussion forums, debates and presentations are organized as part of club activities to give the students a platform to express their ideas and project their talents and skills. Particular emphasis is laid on maintaining an excellent rapport with the students through interaction and advising, which in turn serves to inspire them to strive for the best.

    We promise better educational chances and the acquisition of life-long skills for our Cambridge learners who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged – equipped for success in the modern world.

    Ms. Odilliah Nashengana Said 

    Head Of English Language Department.

    Welcome to our Science & Mathematics Department

    Science and Mathematics are ways of life. Both subjects guide us from uncertainty to knowledge in a way that is accurate, dependable, and predictable. For those who are fortunate enough to go through this experience, it is both empowering and emotional.

    At Modern Generation Private School (MGPS), There is a team of eight qualified, dedicated and motivated teachers. For classes 1 through 8, the science department covers basic science, and for grades 9 and upwards, biology, chemistry, and physics.  Additionally, the mathematics department has a team of thirteen well-qualified and dedicated educators who are willing to go the extra mile into assisting the students to succeed.

    The mathematics and science departments both work hard to give all maths and science students the finest possible science experiences. Our science and math labs are well-stocked with reagents and realia equipment for scientific studies. Teachers also make sure to include hands-on learning.

    Mr. John Oyier Ojal 

    Head of Science & Mathematics

    Section Heads