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  • Global Perspectives

    Global Perspectives

    The global perspectives subject in our school encourages students to develop an international outlook by engaging with contemporary global issues from a variety of perspectives. The emphasis is on critical thinking and effective communication as students engage with ideas, people and places particular to their environment. Through the analysis of current affairs, media, ideas and debates, students will come to understand the need to think outside of their own cultural perspective and increase their understanding of the world.

    The global perspectives subject also covers a range of topics such as identity, culture and social movements, global environmental issues, peace and conflict resolution, transnational networks and global inequality and health, which all allow students to make connections between different cultures, societies and nations. This wider vision of the world helps students to develop an informed view of the global society in which we live and a greater understanding of the world’s interconnectedness.

    By equipping our students with the wider knowledge and skills gained from the global perspectives subject, they are better able to engage with the opportunity to make a positive difference in the world.