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  • +968 9282 8118
  • Modern Generation Private School , Street No: 9993, Mabelah South,Phase 7,P.O Box 405,P C:122, Mabelah, Sultanate of Oman
  • Vision, Mission & Values

    Our Vision

    To be one of the quality-focused Schools in Oman, recognized for the holistic development of a child.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide a safe, healthy and enriching learning environment.

    Our Goals are

    1. Secure child’s love for learning
    2. Manage delivering quality
    3. Aspire for excellent education
    4. Respect every individual and value discipline
    5. Train our staff well

    Our Values are

    1. Care about and support each other
    2. Endeavour to do our best and be professional in everything we do
    3. Value and actively pursue excellence
    4. Behave honestly and ethically
    5. Appreciate and accept ourselves and others
    6. Respect the rights and property of others
    7. Accept that rules are necessary for the safety of everyone
    8. Encourage individual choice
    9. Develop a sense of responsibility

    Guiding Principles

    1. Learning is a continuous journey for all, and learning must never stop at our school;
    2. Children are individuals with diverse backgrounds that need to be acknowledged and respected;
    3. We value our employees, as their skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience are intangible and invaluable;
    4. Our students are children, and each has a unique way of learning and a different rate of progress in their individual development in social, emotional, language, physical and cognitive;
    5. A child’s learning environment at our school must always be positive, safe, play-based, and developmentally appropriate, with adequate space;
    6. Families are partners, role models, and respected as their child’s first teachers;
    7. Utilise current technology to enhance the quality of instruction.
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