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  • Meet our Student Welfare Department

    Safety and Security


    “Hindsight is wonderful, but foresight is better, especially when saving the world’s future citizens.”


    Schools are meant to be safe places for children, and they are an essential part of their lives and are meant to raise them to be the best version they can be. To safeguard safety and security Modern Generation Private School has emergency and safety plans in place because we believe every student deserves a learning environment that is safe, challenging and exciting. We are committed to making our school safe and secure. Following are our primary focus to ensure student and staff safety on our premises:

    • Conduct School Risk Assessments for danger and hazards;
    • Supervise Entry and Exit procedures of students/visitors;
    • Conduct anti-bullying security foot patrols;
    • Inspect School Environment and Infrastructure;
    • Inspect School Bus;
    • Inspect Students’ Bags for Dangerous Items;
    • Deploy Fire Safety and Protection;
    • Deploy Emergency Response Plans and Evacuation Drills; 


    Social welfare

    As Social Welfare Officers at MGPS, we are dedicated to providing social support, care and attention to the different needs of our students. We work with families to address learning barriers and strengthen our students’ safety net.  Our primary focus is to

    1. Assisting the child in understanding and accepting self and others;
    2. Helping children develop social-emotional skills;
    3. Assisting teachers with classroom management;
    4. Providing crisis intervention;
    5. Assistance in self-conflicts and anger management;
    6. Helping the child develop appropriate social interaction skills;
    7. Working with parents to facilitate their support in their children’s school adjustment;
    8. Counselling (group, individual and family)

    The welfare of our students is always one of our top priorities, and we are committed to this priority through our guiding principles, code of conduct and values.

    “MGPS Cares about our Students’ Emotional Well-being”


    A learning difficulty is a condition that can cause a child to experience problems in a traditional classroom learning environment. The child may face challenges in developing literacy skills and maths, which can also affect memory, ability to focus, and processing of certain information forms. Difficulties in learning do not affect general intelligence (IQ).

    We at MGPS take extra care to carry out a particular diagnostic test of our students who score below average academic results to identify the root cause of their performance, whether it is a learning disability or a learning difficulty. Special learning programs are designed to meet students’ needs and help them achieve academic goals.



    “He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.”

    A student’s health is directly related to their ability to learn, and children with health problems often have difficulties retaining focus in the classroom.  As Health and Hygiene Officers at MGPS, we provide immediate health care whenever needed and extend maximum support to our students.

    At MGPS, we ensure that our students receive immediate first aid treatment during any injuries or minor ailments throughout the day at school. We make all efforts to address any medical or health needs immediately which can arise whilst students are in school, and we do that closely with Parents and the Local Health Centre guidance.



    Preventive measures are better than curative measures. At MGPS, we aim to guide our students on protecting themselves and staying safe in all circumstances. It is done at our school in a structured curriculum covering every aspect of a child’s safety through Kidproof’s Protect Ed Program. The Ministry of Education approved this preventative safety education in the Sultanate of Oman.

    Protect ED programme foresees students’ progress through a series of non-threatening safety, health and well-being lessons over the academic year.  The main focus is:

    1. Physical Safety: Personal Safety:
    2. Personal Safety:
    3. Good Citizenship, Ethics and Anti-Bullying.
    4. Internet and Technology Safety.
    5. Emotional Safety: 
    6. Healthy Living:

    Staying safe does not come naturally; our responsibility is to teach our children how to stay safe, avoid dangers and remain responsible.