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    Our stats say we are the best!!!: Review of the year (2022-23)

    It is not possible without your reviews and reflection.  Reflection enables us to evaluate the experience, learn from mistakes, repeat successes, revise and plan.
    The school scored 94.8% at the beginning of the academic year, which included manpower readiness, resource availability, facilities at disposal, safety and security measures in place at premises and during school transportation, and policies and guidelines in place for people management and processes.


    • 95% of families say that they are satisfied with the education their child has received this academic year;
    • 92% of families say that their school offers a wide enough variety of courses, extracurricular activities, and services to keep their child interested in school;
    • 90% of teachers say that they are happy with the work environment;
    • 93% of teachers say that they are satisfied with the guidance they receive from the school management;
    • 96% of students say that they are happy with their teachers;
    • 94% of students say they are happy with their school.

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