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  • Modern Generation Private School , Street No: 9993, Mabelah South,Phase 7,P.O Box 405,P C:122, Mabelah, Sultanate of Oman
  • Our Classroom

    Food Services

    MGPS canteen offers snacks and a healthy, child-friendly, home-style brunch daily where pupils can choose what they want to eat.

    This requirement has been a central part of our philosophy since the beginning. We aim to provide top-quality snacks for our pupils.

    In the classroom, we continually teach and reinforce healthy lifestyle principles. We request parents support us in our Healthy Eating Policy. Packed brunches should have a healthy balance with foods that contain vegetables, proteins and dairy products over sugary or high-cholesterol foods. We encourage parents to send below mentioned for their child:

    • A portion of fruits and vegetables
    • Water or milk
    • Cheese or meats
    • Bread or Pasta

    Food that is prohibited in school:

    • Fizzy drinks/soda
    • Sweets, chips and cakes

    Food Allergies

    Please inform the school nurse if your child has any known food allergies. In case of a food allergy, we will work with parents and our school nurse. Please get in touch with MGPS administration for the proper paperwork.

    Our Classroom

    There are about 50-55 classrooms. Furniture and classroom ambience is a result of careful planning. Cheerful colours, balanced lighting and careful positioning of workspaces contribute to the feeling of welcome.


    All classrooms, including the school premises, are linked via CCTV to a central monitoring facility.

    Inside the classrooms

    • Interactive Boards & Projectors
    • Smartboards
    • Laptops
    • Wireless internet connection
    • Pupil’s tables, chairs and individual storage shelves for bags and books
    • Display boards
    • Differentiation resources
    • PA system