At Modern Generation Private school, we take pride in leading a world-class, adaptive, and modern curriculum which meets the needs of every one of our students for a competitive and sound individual.

English development is the essential basis for all learning. As part of our overall English curriculum, the school encompasses the very best aspects of teaching and learning, and of promoting good practice in reading, writing (including spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting) and communication and oracy.

We follow the Cambridge Global English curriculum, proposed and approved by the Ministry of Education, Oman and is fully integrated across the curriculum in order to equip students with a strong command of the written and spoken word, and to develop their love of literature.

Cambridge Global English is an eight-stage course for learners of English as a Second Language (ESL). The eight stages range from the beginning of primary (Stages 1-6) to the end of the first two years of junior secondary (Stages 7-8).

It is ideal for all international ESL learners, and particularly for those following the Cambridge Primary/Secondary English as a Second Language Curriculum Framework, as it has been written to adhere to this framework.

It also presents realistic listening and reading texts, writing tasks, and end-of-unit projects similar to those students might encounter in the context of a first-language school. These elements provide teachers with the opportunity to tailor the level of challenge to meet the needs of their particular students. The course is organised into thematic units of study which include a range of activities, text types and objectives.

Cambridge Global English materials are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference.

The materials reflect the following principles:

  • An international focus. Specifically developed for young learners throughout the world, the topics and situations in Cambridge Global English have been selected to reflect this diversity and encourage learning about each other’s lives through the medium of English.
  • An enquiry-based, language-rich approach to learning. Cambridge Global English engages children as active, creative learners. At the same time as participating in a range of curriculum-based activities, they can acquire content knowledge, develop critical thinking skills and practise English language and literacy.
  • English for educational success. To meet the challenges of the future, learners will need to develop facility with both conversational and more formal English. From the earliest stage, Cambridge Global English addresses both these competencies. Emphasis is placed on developing the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills learners will need to be successful in using English-language classroom materials.

Cambridge Global English for Cambridge Secondary 1 English as a Second Language, stage 7 provides:

  • A cross-curricular, language-rich approach to learning. Cambridge Global English engages learners actively and creatively. At the same time as participating in a range of curriculum-based activities, they practice English language and literacy and develop critical thinking skills.

In addition to this Learner’s Book, Cambridge Global English Activity Book / Work book provides supplementary support and practice.

In Primary, we believe that context and real-life curriculum links are vital to creating students with a lifelong love of learning. As such our curriculum planning includes relevant, engaging content, helping children make meaningful links from the skills they learn in school to the challenges they may face in the ‘real world’

Our planning and learning mirrors this belief and is shown through our ‘End Goal’ planning across the phase. With this shared vision and understanding of the end goal, every student feels empowered in their own learning and can develop independent skills, which will last a lifetime. These end goals are often shared with parents and are a fantastic way to show all of the incredible learning, which happens in our school every single day.