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    The importance of the Arabic language is that it is the language of the Qur’an and it is the primary language chosen by God, the almighty and exalted. Arabic is also the most important and one of the oldest language ​​that contain many aesthetic meanings and surah’s. Arabic language is the means by which students in our school study many important subjects such as Islamic education, the Holy Qur’an and social studies, as it the most important language considered for references for the rest of the world’s languages.

    Our school follows the Ministry of Education curriculum in the first phase of basic education cycle. The textbooks cover all the areas of language and is also characterized with modernity, flexibility and compatibility in the themes based on the level of our students. It lays emphasis on the students’ social culture, mental and psychological development. It also strengthens the role of the learner in the learning process by instilling skills of self-learning and cooperative learning. The importance of the Arabic language is also highlighted in the first stage of basic education by inculcating skills such as speaking, listening, reading and writing in students by means of communication, self-expression, knowledge acquisition, experience building and development.

    As for the second phase of basic education cycle, our school follows Ministry of Education curriculum which is a series of lessons (My Beautiful Language). It is characterized with several aspects of learning skills that aids the students with the necessary Arabic language proficiency, such as skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, imbedded with good values, morals and filled with the concepts and values ​​of the homeland. It also develops students’ skills in search for knowledge, creative thinking and practice the Arabic language in various forums and events. Our school also focuses on training students in literary texts, poetry, grammatical and spelling patterns, expression and calligraphy. We train students to attain best grades in the ministerial exams.

    Giving prominence to Arabic language, our school has additionally provided an activity book for the students that comprises of extra-curricular activities, study plans, question bank for revision, and previous year question papers for preparing students in exams.  We also conduct monthly tests to evaluate the students’ progress.

    As part of our education process, one of our important goals is to pay detailed attention to the aspects of academic achievement, understand the learning capability of each student and their ability to comprehend the academic subjects. Therefore, we took into account the individual differences of students, and made different books to suit their level of academic achievement in order for each student to benefit fully.

    We give utmost importance to active learning strategies and include latest technology related methods in order to improve the educational practices within the classroom which in turn enhances active learning. It is also linked to the comprehensive evaluation system of the school. Our school maintains a special booklet for all active learning strategies and it serves as a reference for teachers to enrich and present the curriculum to students in an attractive, interesting and entertaining way. The four skills of Arabic language learning are:

    • Listening
    • Speaking
    • Reading
    • Writing (linguistic and grammatical patterns – spelling rules – expression – calligraphy – dictation)

    Our school’s language activities include:

    1- The Arabic Language Competition: such as conducting Arabic week through various activities and holding inter-class competitions.

    2- Reading month: by encouraging students of all ages to read as many books as possible from school library.

    3- Speaking Competition: to develop the skills of students to speak, achieve positive communication and gain self – confidence.

    4- The Young Narrator Contest is to encourage young students to tell stories in an interesting way.

    5- Story-writing competition: opens the area of reflection and creativity in writing stories.

    We are also keen on forming school groups for the Arabic language, such as the Arabic poetry group, the theater and drama group, and the oratory group, so our students participate in many internal and external activities and celebrations, as well as take part in the morning assembly programmes and other various activities.