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  • Blended Learning Approach

    Blended Learning Approach

    MGPS, as a school operating in the 21st century, believes that it is imperative to integrate technology into the curriculum for a variety of reasons. Students need to be exposed to and be familiar with technologies to compete in the world marketplace, and they need to be able to integrate them into dynamic social environments. The world is dominated by technology in all forms, and to be successful, students must possess 21st-century skills. In addition, technology proficiency improves efficiency in teaching and facilitating. Being more efficient usually means that teachers have more time, allowing additional space for innovation, planning, conversing, thinking, and creativity. Technology can be instrumental in making teachers more efficient and students brighter.


    Blended Learning is an approach to education that combines traditional classroom-based teaching methods with online classes or distance learning. MGPS believes that moving away from the conventional school system and embracing the blended learning approach is the key to academic success and improving holistic education quality.


    BLA is student centred and ensures that students acquire the required skills to become independent learners to successfully manage their present and future academic challenges of the 21st century. Most students have unique learning styles, and traditional classroom teaching has limitations. In contrast, the blended learning approach caters to the learner’s individual needs as it overcomes the teachers’ challenges to create the best form of the learning environment by integrating traditional classroom teaching with the digital E-learning approach that meets the needs of various learning styles.


    All our educators at MGPS are well-trained and possess the technical skills to stay ahead of the curve to succeed in the Blended Learning Approach.

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