Kindergarten Framework

MGPS Kindergarten Framework

Early childhood is the most important time for learning. Young children learn best when they have a variety of interesting learning experiences and hands on activities that will spark their excitement for learning. Studies reveal that 90% of a child’s brain develops in the first five years and therefore, their experiences in the first five years, shape their health, growth, learning, character and happiness.

MGPS Kindergarten has in place a holistic development framework that is provide your child with an enriching learning experience.  Apart from having a strong foundation in early literacy, we also focus on developing values and character building, our children graduating kindergarten programme are exposed to

  • Discipline;
  • Knowing what is right from wrong;
  • Importance of memorizing Quran (Suras and Duaa) and Hadith;
  • Moral Values;
  • Become little explorers
  • Become critical thinkers;
  • Become Eloquent and Expressive;
  • Become Confident and Cheerful;
  • Healthy habits

KG Framework