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  • Preventive Safety - Life Skills

    Preventive Safety - Life Skills

    Safety education is a fundamental component of childhood development and has always been our primary focus we have been tirelessly improving our practice in this area. After all, there’s no room for errors when it comes to protecting our children therefore, safety education has to be effective with an accurate, structured and comprehensive source of content covering every aspect of a child’s safety. For this reason, we embarked on MOE-approved Kidproof’s Protect Ed preventative safety education curriculum for all grade levels with a focus on prevention and building confidence, reducing risks and protecting the future of our young generation.

    Through the Protect ED programme, students progress through a series of non-threatening safety, health and well-being lessons over the academic year.

    Subjects covered include:

    Physical Safety: home safety, fire, electricity, poison, gun safety, playground safety, safety outside the home, during activities, road safety, bicycle/bus/car safety, emergency response, first aid, etc.

    Personal Safety: safety around people and situations. Prevention of being lost, of kidnappings, of sexual abuse, of domestic abuse. Learning how to set boundaries, deal with peer pressure situations, deal with strangers, etc.

    Good Citizenship, Ethics and Anti-Bullying.

    Internet and Technology Safety.

    Emotional Safety: self-esteem, body image, core values, assertiveness vs. aggressiveness,

    media awareness, anger management, conflict resolution skills, effective communication, confidence building, etc.

    Healthy Living: nutrition, exercise, drugs/ alcohol/ tobacco prevention, leadership, goal setting,

    time & stress management, personal motivation skills, CV building, choosing a career, teamwork, decision-making skills, etc.